Apr 06, 20

Saranda lies on Albania’s southern coast and is a land of wonders, with enchanting beaches, crystal clear waters and fragrant olive groves. Saranda was known as Porto Edda in the 1940s, (controversially) in honour of Edda Ciano Mussolini, Mussolini's wife! Today the city looks like an open-air museum, there are the remains of an ancient synagogue with colourful and amazing mosaics and Lëkurësi castle overlooking the city from a hill.

Saranda has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, much loved by many European and especially Italian, tourists. Netferry explains how to get to this interesting summer seaside destination by ferry from Italy. If you are willing to take it easy and enjoy the boat trip over to Albania, then there are regular ferries from Brindisi to Saranda. One company serves all routes with a weekly ferry, the journey takes about 9 hours. These ferries can also carry vehicles, so you can travel safely with your vehicle in tow and get around easily once you disembark. Summer 2020 will see a new route from the Italian port of Bari, direct to Saranda and the journey time is approximately 11 hours.

Apr 02, 20

With the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Morocco boasts almost 2,000 kilometres of coastline. The country is packed full of heavenly beaches, making it the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. Desert, mountains and oceans; Morocco's landscape is so varied, it has something to offer everyone! Whether you are a watersport enthusiast or you just want to lie on the beach and soak up the sun, let Netferry tell you about the five of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco.

Taghazout beach

Mar 30, 20

Poland, in Central Europe, has always been a country that both unifies and divides eastern and western Europe. Today the country is thriving, no longer hampered by foreign occupations, its culture and traditions are once again freely expressed, making Poland a fascinating place for travellers. Easter is a very heartfelt celebration for the Polish Christian population and the day of the Resurrection is known as Wielkanoc.

Easter traditions

Mar 26, 20

German gastronomy is mainly associated with frankfurters, sauerkraut and potatoes. But, it is actually very varied, each region boasts its own gastronomic tradition and has its own tasty dishes prepared with local ingredients. Most of the recipes are meat-based, but there are also a variety of fish dishes on offer, especially in the north of the country. It goes without saying that every meal in Germany is not complete without a beer, the national drink. If you are planning a trip to Germany, follow our advice and discover what this country has to offer! Go ahead and try some of the dishes from this list!


Mar 23, 20

Today Netferry explores the route from Igoumenitsa to Alexandroupoli, taking you through mainland Greece and across to the eastern port city of Alexandroupoli. We begin in Igoumenitsa, on the west coast of Greece. It is easy to get to and well connected with frequent ferries to many ports along the east coast of Italy, such as Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Venice. 

At first sight, Igoumenitsa is a typical tourist port, and we recommend continuing into mainland Greece unless you have time to make a quick 50 km diversion south to the beautiful coastal town of Parga. The town is picture-postcard perfect; with a beautiful castle perched above the bay, little islands just off the coast, mazes of little white houses in the centre and of course, beautiful beaches. There are a few things to do in the town aside from swimming in the superb turquoise water, including visiting the Olive Oil Museum and visiting the castle, which is free of charge. The only problem with this gorgeous place is that in the summer it becomes overrun with tourists. So if you happen to be travelling in August, we recommend that you skip Parga and head north-east, to the region of Zagorohoria.

Mar 19, 20

Being long, thin and surrounded by beautiful islands; Italy has a vast coastline. The Italian peninsula has an incredible 7,500 kilometres of coastline set against four seas: the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas to the west and the Adriatic and Ionian seas to the east and south. Despite being part of the broader Mediterranean, the country offers visitors very diverse marine environments. Besides the mainland coasts, there are almost 800 islands where even more unspoiled coastline and pristine beaches can be found. 

In this article, NetFerry takes you on a journey to our favourite beaches in Italy. This list is only a small selection, as you are spoilt for choice thanks to Italy's advantageous position in the middle of the Mediterranean. You are guaranteed to find a lovely beach waiting for you on any coastline in the country! For example, if you're visiting Rome and need a break from crowded piazzas, you can get to Ostia or Sabaudia in around half an hour.

Mar 16, 20

Come with NetFerry and discover Wales, a little country full of dragon flags fluttering in the wind, castles and so much grass! Together with the daffodil and the leek, the dragon is a national symbol for  Wales, which is also known as the 'land of the red dragon'. History tells us that the kings of Aberffraw first adopted the dragon symbol in the early fifth century to symbolise their power and authority after the Romans withdrew from Britain. Later, around the seventh century, it became known as the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr under King of Gwynedd (655-682). Wales is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. The most famous cities, such as Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, are located in the south, while the north is more rural and features breathtaking scenery.

NetFerry strongly recommends visiting Wales' many castles, there are over 400 and most are related to the stories of King Arthur and Merlin the Wizard. The castles and forts were mainly built around the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries by King Edward to maintain control over the people. Today Netferry will tell you about our favourite Welsh castles. 

Mar 12, 20

Located between Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia is right at the heart of the Baltic region and has been a member of the European Union since 2004. This green country, of deep tradition, deserves more than a weekend visit thanks to its incredible natural landscapes and long emerald coastlines. Do not miss the castles around Sigulda overlooking scenic valleys and the Gauja river. The capital, Riga, is known as the pearl of the Baltic and is also a must-see! 

Riga: The pearl of the Baltic