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The island of Mykonos has two harbors the old port, which is the closest to Mykonos Town, Chora. And the New Marina, Tourlos, situated about 10km from Mykonos Chora and mostly used by cruise ships and ferries. Generally, the flyingcat hydrofoils only leave from the old port of Mykonos, while highspeed catamarans and ferries leave from the port of Tourlos. In any case, it is always advisable to contact the boarding office to know exactly where your vessel departs from Mykonos airport is about 4km from the center of Mykonos town and can be reached by bus or by taxi. The new port of Tourlos, howe... [More information]

Address: Tourlos, Mykonos, Greece
Directions: Google Map @ Mykonos, port


Skiathos is the most well-known island in the Sporades. Its reputation for having great nightlife, however, must not distract from its intrinsic beauty. There are long, golden coasts that are among the most beautiful in all of Greece. The island does not have particularly varied nature and is relatively flat, but it is green and intensely cultivated with vineyards and orchards, which alternate with pine forests that descend to the sea. History Skiathos and many islands in this part of the Aegean were invaded many times throughout history. Starting from the Pelasgians then the Athenians, Spart... [More information]